Friday, May 02, 2008

MOVIE: The Kingdom

Definitely sad that I missed The Kingdom on the big screen. Great sound. Great effects. Impressive action. Fairly creative plot. Good acting. Great dialog.

However, let me state for the record: For anyone who is duct taped and being filmed while a machete is at their throat and a masked man is shouting vulgarities against Israel, there is not going to be a pleasant ending! I strongly advise against sitting there calmly, looking around the room, and trying to figure out what is happening. It doesn't take Hawking or Einstein to plumb the depth of THAT rabbit hole.

The last quarter of the movie barely takes a breath. My heart was literally pumping in my throat during the final scenes. On a big screen with big sound, I probably would have been sweating and screaming profanities.

Anyway, fantastic movie. Possibly a good date flick. I think Cindy could have appreciated it. Not for the kids, though. Waaaay too much of the red red gravy.

A well recommended movie. Glad I picked it up. And actually loved the ending.

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