Saturday, May 17, 2008

Liam's Next Day

Plenty of surprises today. Both good and bad. No rest for the weary, on any fronts. Would be nice to have a dull, uneventful day this year. Could use the time to catch up.

Good news is that Liam had a ton of visitors today: Nana (my mother.) Great Grandma (my grand mother,) Pawpaw Raybourn (Cindy's day,) Gigi (Cindy's mother,) Darby (Cindy's niece,) Amy (Cindy's sister-in-law,) Miss Rachael (Cindy's friend / Pastor / mother of Liam's friend,) and Pastor Andy (from the Methodist church Cindy and the kids visit.)

And, just after they took of Liam's bandage, Meg came to visit. They had a good time, catching up and talking about Liam's adventures of the past couple of days. Turns out that one of Meg's favorite dolls, Madeline, also has a scar in the same spot. And Meg's able to relate a lot better to what's been going on, now.

Bad news is that Liam's fever returned, with a vengeance. Neither the doctors nor Nurse Cindy liked the fever. It hit 104.4 degrees at one point. So they all agreed to keep him another night, for observation.

Also, even though he is walking more, when the painkillers wear off, Liam turns into a werewolf. Either as a side effect of the drugs or the result of the pain, he gets extremely ornery, argumentative, and uncooperative. It gets compounded by his intelligence. I found myself with an incredibly vocal, insulting eight year old. Not that he was cursing, but I couldn't believe some of the stuff coming out of his mouth. And until he finally fell asleep, it was non-stop. I had to just shutup and not look at him. Eventually, he burned out. And sleep a couple of hours.

Once he woke up and had some more painkillers, he was fine. He'd walk, smile, and eat. No sign of the little werewolf.

Finally, around 10PM, I drove home.

Hopefully tomorrow Liam can come home, too.

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