Friday, May 09, 2008

BJJ Revisited

Went to a three hour training session with Master Dring from Little Rock, Arkansas, tonight. Baseball chokes. Grapevine escape. Gi chokes. Pinch the mouse. Side control escapes. Full guard to side control moves. Sometimes he'd go too fast. Sometimes he talked more than he demonstrated. We started late, ended late. And the warmup took a while. Fantastic stuff, though. Taking an all day lesson with him, tomorrow. Hope it goes as well. Or better.

Worked out at the gym earlier. I believe I'm back where I left off before the six week hiatus. Going to pick up the pace next week. Try to get back to three circuits, instead of just two. Continue with the yoga. Continue with the cardio.

Went to the eye doctor. Wish I hadn't. Seems for the first time in a decade, my vision has degraded. I was in Atlanta, GA from like 1996 - 2005, and it never changed while I was there. The test today suggest I lost another 10% of my vision. Nowadays I see an object 20feet away as if it were 950 feet away. Without my glasses, I can't see my toes. They're pink smears in an ocean of blurs. (sigh) I pray the kids don't inherit my vision, or lack thereof. Nobody should be this blind.

Work work work. Suffered a massive outage on the floor yesterday. Forty five minutes of no tickets going in or coming out. The value of the outage probably exceeds the value of my salary for a year. Times like those usual result in angry calls from irate Vice Presidents and Directors. Thankfully, I failed a database server from one cluster node to the next and the system came to life in its new home. Somebody ran a big report. It horked all the available disk space on a small drive. When the database couldn't write, the tickets stopped flowing. Failing over the cluster forced the report to give up the ghost. And additional space was made available on the drive. The database could write, again. The tickets started to flow. All the kings horses and all the kings men had put the floor back together again. And there was much rejoicing.

Such are my days. I take them one at a time. Play the hand I'm dealt. And be happy I have chips on the table.

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