Monday, May 05, 2008

Beach Revisited

Pulled the pictures from the Long Beach Kite Festival off the camera. Good stuff and made me smile to remember what a good time we had. Beautiful day and not a cloud in the sky. The first shot alone has a total of ten kites in the picture, including the Barbie Kite. Easy to guess who that belongs to? (Can't really see the other kites without zooming in a good bit. But there are nine others floating in the background. Trust me. Click on any photo to enlarge.)

However, the second photo brings more clues. Ping hat. (Complete with a scratch-and-sniff strawberry on the front!) And a pair of pink shoes. Lovely, pale blue sundress. My little princess. Couldn't be more girly if she tried. Perfect in every way. Oh, and a beautiful background, too. Times like these I'm glad I came back to the true "South."Not a cloud in the sky. Beaches and cool waves. Life on the Gulf Coast.

Third photo is an action shot of The Boy. Laser-like focus while flying his kite. If there were a prize for unspooling all of their twine first, it would have gone to Liam. That boy had let out all the string in the blink of an eye. And I feared he'd jerk the handle too hard and the kite would pop loose. Didn't happen though. Nothing but good times. But he was eyeballing any other kites that got close to him. Itching for a kite fight.

Next up, action shot of Princess Meg. She's only about ten feet away from Liam, but there are all kinds of kites around her. Liam's flying solo in his own space. Oddly enough, while her brother was running around, trying to control the random movements of his kite, Meg never budged an inch. She happily stood in one place, regardless of any stray winds, and smiled the whole while. That stray elbow? Lady McD. Shapely, yes?

During an interlude, Nanna and Liam swung over to the local firetruck (which was spraying down a slide with its watergun every few minutes.) Liam hopped up on the bumper. Seeing as there were no firemen around, I'm not 100% sure they'd have approved of his photo-op. But we have a motto: "Cop didn't see it, I didn't do it!" Oh. No idea who the woman is on the left. NOT LADY MCD!

Finally, after an hour or so of flying, we pulled up our stakes and scored some snowcones. Meg and I had strawberry. Mommy had Pineapple + Pina colada. Liam had bubblegum. It turned his lips and tongue blue. Always a good time when you have a blue tongue.

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