Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Meg's Show

Finally pulled off the pictures of Meg's show from a week or so ago. I've got video of it, too. But it is going to take a while to grab it off the camera and then drip it down low enough to stream it on here.

The first shot is of Meg's introduction. Each child took a turn and announced their name. For anyone who knows her, it isn't hard to believe, but she was quite loud and very thorough in her pronunciation. "Meg McDougal" she said. And then took her seat. Front and center. She was "I." Incredibly appropriate.

Second shot is a close-up. Mugging for the camera. She loves being the center of attention. Loves the limelight. Thankfully she didn't play with her hair. For the longest time, when she should practice and put on a show for us, Meg would touch her hair. Either twirling it with a finger or pushing it behind her ear. Cute, the first time or two. But after that, it rapidly became distracting. And eventually annoying. She finally realized what she was doing after a week or so of coaching. We feared she would relapse. She didn't. Instead, it was a great show. She sang, loud and clear. We could hear her amid all the other voices. And at times she was clearly leading the pack. Everyone following her example when they'd forgot the words. She's known every word for weeks. And has been counting down the days.

Third shot is Meg's semi-solo act. They had four or five songs. During one of them, Meg and three others stood up and sung about their letters. Meg being an "I" she stood up with the other "I" kids. And they were vowels, so they got longer parts. And more attention. So, Meg Bear absolutely loved it.

Final picture is Meg's final goodbye. The show ends and all the kids stand up. One of them, only one, starts bowing and blowing kisses. Yes, indeed, it was my Meg Bear.

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