Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sky Flurries

Typical crash. No real sleep for two days. Tired during the day. Tired during the night. The smallest things wake me. Have to reorient myself in the dark. Moving too slow, like a gray old man. Wash the dreams out of my eyes. Perhaps the lack of caffeine. Three days without a sip of lightning. Probably explains the headaches. And restlessness.

Didn't work out. Too tired. Something in the back of my head whispering, "What if you have a vertigo attack at the gym."

Didn't work on the house. Too mad. About not sleeping. And about not working out.

Mom came over yesterday. We celebrated Tres De Mayo. New Mexican place down the street. Wasn't in the mood, but enjoyed the time with the family. Until the end. Meg started to obsess about getting a gumball. When she couldn't have it, she went into OCD-mode and couldn't stop asking about it. Usual waterworks followed.

Speaking of waterworks, Microsoft walked away from Yahoo, yesterday. Here is the Ballmer letter to Yahoo. Good move, methinks. Ultimately, both would have continued down their own subjective toilets. Slowly, but surely. Together it would have been a franchise sized collapse. An accelerated blowout. And teh GOOG fiddles while they burn. First flames should spark tomorrow. Interested to see how much of a hit Yahoo's stock takes tomorrow.

Today, we took the kids to the Long Beach Kite Fest. More pictures, tomorrow. Don't have the mental reserves to pull the pictures off the camera and edit them, yet. Peaceful sight. A flurry of kites in the crisp May sky.

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