Monday, May 12, 2008

Liam's Class Awards

Liam had his awards ceremony this morning. Gigi couldn't make it, but my Mom (Nana) and Cindy's Dad (Pawpaw) were able to swing by for the event.

Before the individual class accomplishments, the Librarian gave out a series of awards. These days, kids are aggressively encouraged to read. They get to check out books, read them, and take computerized tests and score points based on their comprehension of what they read. As they accumulate points, they advance in the ranks. And they win special dogtags as they go through the various levels. So the librarian was giving out awards to those kids that scored the most points. For his class, Liam received the top award. He read the most books and had achieved Super Reader 10, Advanced Reader 3. Liam was also tied with another kid in his class for achieving the highest rank. He and one other boy had reached Advanced Reader 3. Only two out of 100+ kids. Puts Liam in the Top 1%.

After the literacy awards, Liam's teacher gave out the individual certificates. When Liam came up, he received The Sky Is The Limit Award. Somewhat obscure, but entirely appropriate. Liam's able to do anything he puts his mind to. He also had two other awards in his folder, but I didn't catch those. Probably related to his reading (what other 2nd grader has read Tom Sawyer, Mody Dick, and The Oddesy?)

When everyone had finished, we all congratulated our Golden Boy and took a couple of pictures with him. He's already talking about winning top reader in the third grade, next year. Yeah, buddy. Strategic thinking. Pick your battles. The sky is the limit for you.

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