Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fatal Election

A multitude of recent political events have catalyzed a series of micro rants behind my eyes. Thought I'd get them out. I sleep better when my grey matter is rant-free.

I'm fascinated by the fact that Obama has been saying for weeks: Clinton is going to win NC by a landslide. And he's so sure, he only makes three stops in the state before the primary. He told the media over and over that he wasn't going to expend any efforts/money on an obvious no-win scenario. And despite his repeated foreshadowing, after Clinton wins most of the delegates, the Einsteins in the media act surprised, announce that she still has a chance to win the nomination, and try to force the candidates to duke it out in the public stage. Of course the sheeple completely forget Obama's predictions and entirely fall for the media's childish manipulations. The pointless battle between the two candidates serves no purpose other than disenfranchising potential voters and giving the Republicans more potential angles of attack one the Democratic candidate is finalized.

After eight years of plundering the public coffers, bloating the size of the government to elephantine levels, creating a new fearocracy, invading a sovereign nation based on the flimsiest of lies, and doing nothing to stop or even slow the New Mexican Invasion, the GOP is surprised to see that the public has grown wearing of the political sodomy being committed upon them. They're startled that the last three special elections in the US have all resulted in spectacular victories for the Democratic parties. Even in traditionally die-hard GOP territory. And suddenly the Republicans realize the public has lost confidence in them and their so-called "values."How could they not hear this train hurtling down the tracks toward them?

So shaken by the realization that the sheeple are starting to grow numb to the constant Republican alarm cry of "terror! fear! terror! fear!" the GOP is completely abandoning their President and have stabbed him in the side with a veto-proof farm bill. Of course what is truly amazing is that a) When Dubya was running for re-election, he vigorously supported such things, 2) Dubya has the hubris to try to suggest the farm bill is fiscally irresponsible, and 3) In the middle of the highest food prices in two decades, the farm bill affords even more money to farmers to encourage them to leave fields unplanted. Um.... isn't encouraging the shortage of supply in the face of increased demand artificially forcing the price of food higher for the tax payers that are footing the bill for this farm bill? We're paying them to jack up our prices for wheat, corn, milk, eggs, and meat? Greeeeeaaatttt.... Baaaag, sheeple. Baaah. Baaah!

On a less rantified note, I spotted an interesting article: Hilary Clinton - The Psycho Ex-Girlfriend Of The Democratic Party. Which brought me to the conclusion that if Hilary manages to butcher Obama's chances of becoming the next President, we can dub the eventual-Lifetime-movie Fatal Election.

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