Thursday, May 08, 2008

GAME: Fate Of Hellas

Fate Of Hellas lasted about two hours on my PC. After the second hour of rolling my eyes, I uninstalled, hit delete, flushed the Recycle Bin, and didn't look back.

First and foremost, the simple act of saving the game took 5 minutes. It took longer to save the game than it took to install it.

Second, the tutorial was broken and didn't show the correct proceedures for even the simplest thing like sending workers into a gold mine.

Third, the freaking missions took forever, even at the lowest levels.

Fourth, the enemy AI was persistently overwhelming as soon as the level started, then ineffective once I survived the first wave or two. However surviving took mostly luck and a couple of reloads.

Finally, the physics of combat were skewed and my own units weren't able to fend for themselves without my direct involvement. So they'd walk into combat situations where javelins were being thrown further than large crossbows could shoot (right!) and my units would sit there, not returning fire or advancing toward the enemy, while getting slaughtered with complete impunity.

All that from just the first three levels of the first campaign.

No list of good features could out weigh the volume of crapitude listed above. So I won't waste my time listing the one or two things I did like about the game.

It's digital scrap, now. I wouldn't advise anyone for any reason to try Fate Of Hellas.

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