Sunday, April 27, 2008


Notable events of the day:
Hit the gym this afternoon. I was a little tired after yesterday's adventure with eight hundred pounds of topsoil (x3 sets!) But I continued to return to my former heights on the weights. Did 400lbs on the inclined press. 180lbs on the hacksquat. 160lbs on the bench. 185lbs on deadlifts. Plus everything else on the circuits. Great great workout and I really pushed myself. Concluded with a half hour of cardio. Lots and lots of sweat.

Put Mom and Dad back online with a re-formated PC. Took forever to do the updates. And took me a few minutes to figure out the printer wouldn't work because Dad had the USB cable in the modem port. Plus they are out of black ink. But I dumbed everything down and made it (I hope) simple for them to check their email and check eBay. And I know their new system isn't part of some botnet, now.

Ton of rain today. My front yard has a few lakes. But the holes I filled yesterday appear to have survived. Not that I went, but the Jazz Fest was flooded. New Orleans had a foot or more of water. Pictures of coolers floating across The Fairgrounds litter the 6-o'clock news.

I made the most of my limited weekend. But we all got deluged.

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