Friday, April 18, 2008


It has been an extremely long, fatiguing week. Most of the time I didn't know what day it was. I'd blink and it was 3PM. I'd blink again and it was midnight. Morning came too soon. As if I never slept. My bones would protest in the too-early light. But finally, Friday is upon us. A brief respite from the war.

Only a couple of updates tonight. I don't have the mental wherewithal for much more. Still spinning up to full speed and hopefully next week will come with more elaborate entries.
  • Cindy is in Atlanta. I bought her a plane ticket and a ticket to see the Braves. They were winning last time I checked. Hopefully she enjoys the trip and the break from the kids.
  • The kids are climbing back from colds. Meg from two weeks ago. Liam last week. However they managed to cast their pox upon me. I'm fighting it this week. Pretty bad caught last night. First time I've REALLY been sick since October of 2005. Not a bad run.
  • I'm really enjoying this last season of Battlestar Galactica. The opening scene of the premiere was staggering to behold. An epic work of art. Not that I agree with the direction or pacing of the current story line, but visually and aesthetically BSG is the finest piece of science fiction ever produced.
  • My amigos Kimmer & Uncle Ron still hunt the White Whale of employment. I know their pain all too well. Bad time to be looking. And the three of us can tell you, being unemployed is greatly over-rated.
  • The new summer heat has brought roaches. As I typed a minute ago, a slow brown one fell off the kitchen wall. Skittered feebly across the floor. The exterminator came earlier this week. And the pests are falling victim to his wares. Those that haven't died are (literally) on their last legs. Like run in confused circles. Until the shoe falls.
It is going to be a long, crazy summer.

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