Thursday, April 17, 2008

The First Great Undebate Of 08

So I was a little busy last night. Watching commercial-free runs of The Ultimate Fighter and DEA and Breaking Bad. So I missed the debate on NBC.

Unfortunately, I watched it today. That's, what? Two hours of my life that I'll never get back? Seriously. What was I thinking! It couldn't have been a bigger turd if it has popped out of the hindquarters of a Super-Sized Eurasian Shaggy Mastodon.

Other than having no discernible effect on any future decision I might make, my major beef is that it was completely irrelevant. Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopolous spent the first hour beating an endless shambling parade of dead horses. I receive no value to further discussion of Hillary's Bosnia story or Obama's link to Rev. Wright. And what is was with the video question questioning Obama's of the American flag? As if the man is going to confess his secret fetish for wrapping himself in the state pendants and rolling around on a bed of lightly sauteed and still steaming grilled onions?

The rest was just noise in my ears. Nothing of any merit or strength. Easily predicted questions receiving easily predicted answers. The captive hearts and minds of half of America in their hands and the only thing Gibson and Stephanopolous can pitch are limp-wristed softballs?

But that is what American politics has become. Softcore Vaudville acts. Spineless hacks afraid to challenge the "candidates." Instead, they trade light-hearted slaps with them. Larry, Moe, and Curly fighting over a bandsaw.

And in eight months, they all have to tango with Shemp.

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