Monday, April 07, 2008

Hrmmm #8

Big plate of Hrmmm to get the day rolling.
  • US consumers lose record sums to Internet crooks - It is so frightening to think that there are entire societies outside of the U.S. with full time jobs do nothing other than using the Internet to steal from Americans in any way possible. $239.07M across 200,000 complaints is mind boggling. And my money says for every reported complaint, there are plenty of unreported ones. Probably just the tip of the iceberg, here. As more countries join the online community, the villainy will surge.
  • FAA Inspectors Say Concerns Ignored - When "whistle blowers"catch the eyes and ears of Congress, it is bad bad bad. I expect the various airline companies will take a mad dash at repairing the things they have let rot for years. But ultimately, the American consumer will pay for it as flights get canceled and air travel grinds to a halt. Not the last we'll hear of this.
  • Corn Hits $6 a Bushel on Tight Supplies - This is why I need to be a farmer! Demand for corn is surging and supply is dwindling. God help us if the Chinese stop putting such high tariffs on imported corn, they'd eat us out of house and home. I need to get up to Hattiesburg and plant my retirement crops. Meanwhile, the consumer needs to be aware there is no end in sight to higher food prices.
  • FDA OKs New Rotavirus Vaccine - Any parent will want to hear about this! I wish this had come along about, oh, eight years ago.
  • South Korea Slaughtering Infected Birds - Almost half a million less chickens on the earth. I wonder how that'll affect global warming? Meanwhile I had no idea South Korea was the latest hunting ground for bird flu. Seems to be moving this way?
  • Reach Out And Hack Someone - New technology and new exploits. With VOIP in my house now, I think the public needs to be more aware of the looming threats.

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