Monday, April 14, 2008

Onward and upward

Looks like the story finally broke on the national news:
"MGM Mirage is laying off 440 managers

MGM Mirage, the Strip's largest casino operator is laying off some 440 management employees at both the property and corporate levels, a response to the souring national economy but also part of a corporate belt tightening program begun last year.

MGM Mirage President and COO Jim Murren said today management and supervisory level staff reductions were part of a process that will save MGM Mirage about $75 million annually. Most of the workers in Las Vegas were informed of the cutbacks today."

I'm not one hundred percent sure about that number, though. The layoffs we had locally included a large percentage of that figure, if it is correct. But in the grander scheme of things, we only had to let go of 0.5% of our total headcount. Could have been much much worse.

Things like this always sour the mood. Down here on the Gulf Coast, it is worse because we all know each other so well. It isn't like Atlanta, with four million people. The community is smaller down here. We feel the impact more directly

Anyway, everyone was depressed today. Especially me. I've known it was coming a little longer than the average bear. Because I had to be on standby to disable the accounts. So I was torn up all weekend and completely not in a mood to post much of anything.

But I hope we've seen the bottom of this rabbit hole. I hope we can get past it. Move on with our lives. I'm going to try (again) to get into the gym tomorrow. Restart my program from the beginning. And sweat off the anger and frustration.

Only way to go: onward and upward.

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