Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pieces Of Day

Long day. Liam's stomach has been acting up for a couple of days and last night Cindy had given him some medicine to help calm everything down. But he couldn't go to school in such bad shape. So I stayed home with him.

Just a couple of thoughts about the day:
  • My glutes feel like some large nocturnal predator gnawed on them all night and spit out the unsavory gristle. Maybe I over did the squats and leg presses? Otherwise, I feel great after yesterday's workout. No problems with my neck or back. Gonna try another circuit tomorrow.
  • We watched Pope Benedict XVI lead a prayer in Washington, DC. His first visit to the States. He did a fine job and I enjoyed seeing them doing a Latin mass. Lots of ceremony and tradition involved.
  • Liam taught me something about Venus today. (Yes, the planet!) A year one Venus (one roation of the sun) takes 224 earth-days. However one day on Venus (one rotation of the planet) takes 243 earth-days. So a day on Venus takes longer than a year on Earth. I totally didn't believe it. But when checked Wikipedia. Now I believe. Liam schooled me.
  • For dinner, we all went to High Cotton. Cindy didn't like her lemonfish because it tasted too fishy. Meg didn't like her fried chicken because the chicken meat was too white. Women.
  • A couple of my friends asked about the layoffs at MGM/Mirage layoffs. Yes, I was glad that I finally survived a corporate layoff (I was caught in three of them before!) But I was depressed because I had to dwell on the events for several days. Then I had to disable the accounts of everyone that was caught. And I knew several of the people. Not telling them was extremely unnerving. But I silently apologized to each of them as they went down.
  • Quick comment on Bittergate: Obama should have stuck to his guns and not apologized. Recession. Housing collapse. Inflation. Credit implosion. Unemployment. Who isn't slightly bitter these days? It is a shame that he slipped up and spoke truthfully for a change. He has lost a measure of creditability with me for back pedaling. Besides, the folks who claim he offended them and they won't vote for him prrrrrrrrobably would not have voted for him, in the first place.

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