Saturday, April 05, 2008

FOOD: Hard Rock Cafe - Biloxi

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday, Dear Cindy,
Happy birthday to you!

We all swapped cards and sang and spanked her weathered old bottom. Then Cindy got to pick what she wanted for lunch. (Well, she could have picked ANY meal, but she wanted us to all go out as a family.) And she picked the Hard Rock Cafe, in Biloxi.

We walked right in and waited only briefly while a booth was cleaned. Had the spinach dip for starters. Liam has (surprise!) a hamburger. Plain. Nothing on it. He ate most of it. Meg had (surprise!) chicken tenders. She ate half of it. Cindy had a massive cob salad. She barely put a dent in it. I had a spinach burger. It was waaaaay messy. But I destroyed it.

The location was awesome. Plenty to observe. The menu was very diverse. I only wish I could have been drinking! Service wasn't bad. Our waitress was spunky. But she strayed too far too long. The rest of the staff was somewhat frightening, though. One of the busboys had blue hair and enough metal in his face to build a landmine.

For dessert, we swung by Ben & Gerry's. Oh - my - god. What a tempting spread those dudes had! Picking just ONE flavor was the roughest part of my day. I had Chunky Monkey. (Banana chunks and chocolate chunks.) Liam had Half Baked (vanilla, chocolate, brownies, and chocolate chips.) Meg had Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Instead of icecream, Cindy rolled over to Starbucks. Scored a skinny vanilla latte.

Good food. Good family times. Really enjoyed the property, too. All in all, a great lunch.

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