Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dressed in shadows

Been a long, dreary road to recovery. I've been more down than up lately. Rough week at work. Too much work at home. Odd weather. A complete lack of energy on my part. And I haven't been eating or sleeping right.

Anyway, I'm catching up on some old posts. They'll appear over the next few days. In the meanwhile, a couple of updates of the more boring aspects of my adventures:
  • My neck is much better. It is mostly muscular discomfort every so often. No more sharp pains. my range of movement is greatly improved. I think I'm about 90% recovered.

  • Still haven't been to the gym. Must be close to a month. Very disappointed to have such an interruption in my progress. But there was no choice on the matter. I could barely walk, let alone lift weights. I'm hoping to start back on Saturday and restart my training program from day one.

  • Still trying to unclutter my world. Two steps forward, but one step back. Cleaned out about half of my eBay-worthy goods, but refilled the empty spaces with items for remodeling the house. My garage is still a disaster. Cindy hasn't cleaned any cabinets. But the kids did do a good job going through their closets. We have four bags of clothes to donate. And I have a still have plenty to auction off.

  • Still trying to drop off the extra pounds. But after a month of sloth, I'm sure I gained back the seven or eight pounds I lost. But we have almost two months before we hit the beach. I'm hoping to make a dent on my waistline before then.

  • All manner of oddness among my friends: Kimmer is still searching for a new gig. Adam landed at SAIC. Ron's had a few leads but nothing solid. Lisa's on her way to Virginia shortly. And Kenny is watching the approach of a shockwave from the collapse of the real estate market. He hopes he can ride it out. We're all ducking for cover.
That's all that comes to mind, for now. I'll catch up on the rest. I've been dressed in shadow for too many days. And I'm ready to see some sunlight. I'll either find some, or make my own.

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