Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jibber Jabber

My Mom called me Saturday night. Unusual for her. Said she gave her two week notice at work. They took away her day off on Tuesday, so she won't have any days off with Dad. And they tried to write her up for "talking over a supervisor" on the radio. She's been there like nine and a half years, and they want to admonish her for hitting TALK too quickly on the radio? Puh-lease! So she said she'd give them two more weeks and that was it. And the rest is history.

Picked up Cindy from the airport on Sunday. Surprised her by waiting with the kids at the gates. She surprised us with a new haircut. Almost didn't recognize her. Was used to her hair being down by her collar bones. Now it is up by her chin. I've never been picky about that sort of thing. As long as she's happy, and not bald, I'm happy. The new cut does make her look younger, and hipper. And she feels better about this one. She's happy. So I'm happy.

Meg woke up at 0430 Monday, came into our bedroom, and promptly announced, "I threw up." Cindy took her into the bathroom to clean her up, while I made the mistake of going to Meg's room to scout the extend of the damage. I'll spare the gory details save one: there were chunks on the wall. Needless to say, Cindy stayed home that day with Meg. Fortunately, Baby Bear has been much better since then.

Liam got his first stripe in Bazillian Jiu Jitsu last night. It took him a while to get the hang of "falls." He reallllly doesn't like falling. I don't blame him. But he IS on a thick padded mat when he is doing it. So it isn't like he's getting hurt. Still, he didn't like to feign a fall and fought it every step of the way. Finally, after watching other kids get their stripe, he surrendered his fears, performed the falls correctly, and scored a stripe.

Last night, I hit the sack extremely early. Somewhere close to 9PM. Caught up on a lot of sleep. And felt great this morning. Hit the gym this afternoon. Kicked it up a notch and continued to inch closer to my former limits. No problems with my neck. No problems with my back or shoulders. Everything felt great. Followed up a couple weight circuits with an hour of yoga. More relaxing than challenging. And before I left, I checked the scale. Only re-gained gained two of the 8 pounds I lost. 209 right now. Down from 215 earlier this year. Going to work on getting down to an even 200 before I get to the beach in June. Just glad I didn't re-gain all that weight. Makes me less frustrated and more eager to resume my training routine. Pick up where I left off.

Work continues to keep me wrapped up during the day. There's a big political showdown in PA, tonight. I've been touching base with some of my old Atlanta, GA, amigos. Been swapping email with my old childhood buddies. Life is good. But August is approaching. I feel it in the wind.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like your mom's boss was quite a bit unreasonable. Hope a new jobs works out soon (if she's looking).