Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hrmmm #7

Not much caught my eye, today. But, I wasn't looking very hard. Living on the Internet is tough on April 1st. I got caught off guard by Google's custom time trick before I had any coffee and Google's Virgle ticked off Liam. But everyone seemed to enjoy that all the featured videos on the YouTube.com frontpage are currently linking to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up. Best hoax of the day, there!

Anyway, on with the news I think will go completely under-reported by the mainstream media.
  • Air Force leads push to liquefied coal fuel - Interesting news because if things go according to plan, MS will have the first liquid coal power plant. This could help push the timeline.
  • Impact of meat recall beginning to show - Not only do we rarely hear the full truth about meat recalls, but we rarely hear that it costs millions upon millions to destroy the meat properly. And there's often little consideration given to the revenue that flies out the window due to lost sales.
  • Little-known lung infection soars among children - TB, Sars, and bird flu usually hog the limelight. I hadn't heard of empyema. But with infection rates among children jumping 450%, I'm taking notice.

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