Monday, March 31, 2008

Hrmmm #6

Some late night Hrmmm.

· Santee Cooper raises cost of coal-fired power plant - $1.25B (at least) for continued dependency on the rapidly dwindling supply of fossil fuels. How about we spend $1.25B on a renewable source.

· Investigation: Dangers of Gas Pipelines- Saw this and thought, “Dang! I’d love to see 400 foot flames!” Also thought, “Hey, too bad we didn’t have $600B to fix problems like this!”

· Massive Securities Fraud Ring Exposed In New Jersey - Interesting undertones of criminals across a large area using modern technology to commit ancient crimes. Also like to point out that for everyone one of these criminal cadres that get shut down, three more take its place, improving on the flaws that got the other group busted in the first place.

· School Districts That Got Recalled Beef Are Listed - Um, why aren’t parents being informed directly that 71,500 TONS of recalled beef was sent to our school districts? Why do we have to wade through a 226 page document to see if we’re affected or not? Affected parents should be notified at the slaughterhouse’s expense.

· West Bengal culls poultry to contain bird flu - Anyone other than me completely unaware that India has been fighting bird flu since January? What I like was the mention of villagers hiding ducks and chickens inside their houses.

· Health Agencies Grapple With Labor Shortage - A quarter of a million job openings in the next five years for the Health Department. I don’t know how much of a dent that will put on unemployment, but it should help.

· Washington state passes RFID antispying law - Rare example of our government actually understanding the problems with modern technology and trying to head off future disaster. I expect to see a lot more of these, and eventually a national law. Saw it here first, though.

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