Sunday, March 30, 2008

MOVIE: King Of California

Smiling loon, Charlie(Michael Douglas,) returns home after a couple of years to weigh down the life of his estranged daughter, Miranda (Evan Rachel Wood.) It doesn't take long before Charlie's madness boils to the surface and a long, strange adventure follows.

King Of California unwinds calmly and patiently, like a good meal. It is served up with some very interesting storytelling effects (the animated flashbacks,) a bowl of funny, and a Super-Sized portion of creativity. And the ending doesn't disappoint.

An all around impressive movie. I liked the acting (though it was more comical than dramatic.) Enjoyed the dialog, the writing, and the pace. Especially enjoyed the plot and the well-timed effects.

Great date flick. Not something children would find interesting. But well worth a rental and a bottle of wine.

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