Sunday, March 09, 2008

This Olde House - Dining Room Painted (at last)

Finally, after many moons, the dining room is getting painted. All it took was a couple of arguments, three rounds in the Octagon, and me threatening to pick the color and do it myself, but Cindy conceded. With much sighing, she put on her "painting clothes," her pajama pants, and picked up a brush to coat the walls that were finished back in December.

One of Cindy's friends from Atlanta (Beth) had suggested this odd color from Olympic. (Click any picture to enlarge.) During the day it is a mild yellow, light green. At night it looks much darker, bordering on brown. Fascinating trick of the light I suppose.And truth-be-told it quickly grew on me.

Cindy put on most of it, but we had a surprise helper: BooBear. He grabbed a brush and rolled out a couple of feet of paint. I think he did a great job of cutting in the edges, without using any tape. I swear, he didn't get any on the trim work!

Overall, the Olympic paint goes on very smoothly and a little bit goes a long way. Cindy said she barely used half a can on each coat. Hey, works for me!

Next on the list: Cindy still has to get the trim, windows sill, and casings painted. Then I'll hang the blinds. And we're still on the lookout for a light / chandelier for that area. But we're 95% finished with the dining room.

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