Saturday, March 29, 2008

MOVIE: Children Of Men

The last child was born in 2005. Everything went to poop after that. Frustration, paranoia, and war soon followed. Then the forces of anarchy and chaos birthed out right proper dystopian society. Something like Orwell meets William Gibson. And that is the world of Children Of Men.

The unfortunate protagonist, Theo, is a miserable, down-and-out, former-political activist. He unknowingly get entangled in an underground revolt with a young girl, Kee, who (insert dramatic music) is pregnant. The first pregnant woman in almost two decades. And he has to go through a Herculean series of challenges to get her into the hands of the mysterious Human Project.

Interesting movie. Kinda low budgety. English accents nipping at the nerve endings. Lots of progressive action. Very zombie-flickish. Writing and directing were good. Acting wasn't too bad. Dialog was unremarkable. But the plot itself is absolutely predictable, bordering on disappointing.

Not a date flick. Not good for the young kids. But I'm sure angry teens would dig it. And it would make for lightly entertaining during a thunderstorm or similar event that threatens to keep you indoors long enough to pop it in the DVD.

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