Thursday, March 27, 2008

MOVIE: Unbreakable

Harking back to the year 2000, I finally checked out Unbreakable.

It is M Night Shyamalan's modern spin on comics books. With easily 20yrs of former comic book experience under my belt, I think I'm qualified to say: it works! Considering it came half a decade before Heroes on television, I'd say it was the first step in the right direction for transitioning non-underwear-based comics to the big screen.

The character archetypes are very well done. Bruce Willis plays the protagonist. Samuel L Jackson plays his mentor. The pacing and development of the story is superb. Terrific storyline. Loved the personal growth and back-stories of the characters. Loved the subtle hint of costumes and character names. The perfect dash of drama. A satisfying clash of good and evil. Grrrreat ending.

Not a date movie. But acceptable for my youngish son.

My only disappointment is that there has not been a follow-up in the eight years since Unbreakable was initially released. Were a second installment to be released, I certainly wouldn't skip that one!

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