Monday, March 31, 2008

MOVIE: Babel

I've coined a new phrase just for this flick: Crapumentary.
  • I don't like sitting around for two and a half hours listening to foreign languages, subtitles or no subtitles.
  • Yes, yes, I get it. You were trying to be clever by NOT USING SUBTITLES. I'll be over here picking lint out of my navel while you're being clever. Let me know when you're done. Dick.
  • Japanese girl was hot, but the shrub out front needs a pruning. Big time.
  • Totally don't believe the plot with the little kids. Nope. Don't believe it.
Maybe the writing was good. Maybe the acting was good. Maybe the settings and scenes were good. Maybe it won some nominations or awards. Hey, yo, maybe it offered to fix me a martini and a chicken pot pie, but I didn't dig it.

Babel finds itself on the very short list of movies I couldn't finish. I cut it off after about an hour and a half. Couldn't stomach another hour of jabber jabber jabber, yoink yoink yoink, ching chow ching. Color me shallow, but I just couldn't get past all that shizzle. It wasn't clever. It was a crapumentary.

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