Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hurting II

Good news: I slept. First time in two days. I dropped off around 9PM and didn't move until 7:30AM. I didn't even know that Cindy and the kids had woken up and left for school.

Bad news: I woke up in pain. Maybe I'm slightly better, but not significantly. Same symptoms as yesterday: numbing levels of pain in my left neck and shoulder, weakness in my left side, reduced range of motion for turning my head, and an inability to get comfortable for very long.

I'm dropping three Ibuprofen every six - eight hours. But I'd love to have something stronger. The Ibuprofen takes off the edge, but it doesn't stop the bigger jolts of pain if I move too quickly, turn too quickly, or try to lift too much with my left arm. I'd love something stronger. But I don't want it to affect my mental facilities or my ability to handle the kids. So I'll tolerate the pain.

Another very rough day, but I have another appointment with the Chiropractor tomorrow morning. I can make it until then.

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