Friday, March 28, 2008

Hurting V

Bad news: Still hurting. And while in the shower, I discovered that my ability to look up and look down is greatly impaired.

Good news: While I'm still hurting, it isn't as bad as yesterday. There's a marked improvement. Though the difference between "Very bad," and "Bad" is negligible when both states involve significant amounts of pain.

However, Cindy bought a new pillow for me. One of those contour jobs that adapts to the shape of your neck and shoulders. I think it helped.

And I took a darvocet. That wee beastie really helped me sleep. And while it was tinting my perception of pain, everything was nice and smooth. Just dandy.

Also visited the chiropractor, third time this week. He put the mojo on me.

So good night sleep + pillow + medication + adjustment = Better day for Jon

Still a long way from normal. But not as depressed or as lethargic. I think I'm firmly on the road to recovery.

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