Friday, March 28, 2008

GAME: Dawn Of War - Soulstorm

The Immortal Emperor be praised! Following on the heels of Dark Crusade, Relic Entertainment brings Soulstorm, and all is good in the Empire at last.

Notable highlights include:
  • Four different planets
  • Two new races (total of NINE races at war)
  • All new "Air Units"
Fans of the previous entries in the Dawn Of War saga will fall in love with this, the final installation of the series.

The new races (Dark Eldar and Sisters Of Battle) are great to play. The new maps are some of the largest and most complex to date. The graphics are superb. The new characters and their story lines are enthralling. The depths of the WH40K universe continues to be completely immersive. And I didn't encounter any bugs during game play. All around, a great experience.

On the downside, the Air Units don't really add much depth to the game. There's almost nothing innovating (as far as RTS games go) about this installment of the series. And the old units didn't receive many (if any) make overs. Also, I was hoping to have some kind of spectacular CGI ending, but the last scene was rendered within the game engine.

I really enjoyed Soulstorm, but thought there could have been some more improvements for the old races and a bit more of a bang at the end.

RTS fans should love it. Warhammer fans will want to marry it.

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