Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hrmmm #2

Things that struck me as odd during my Internet wanderings today.
  • Many gas stations' buried tanks too thin; state requires double walls to avert leaks- 43% of underground fuel storage is out of compliance? Almost half? Over ten thousand tanks that can leak their content into the environment. A known issue, a ticking timebomb, but nobody is going to be held accountable, and nobody is going to step up to resolve it.

  • Nuclear Energy breakthrough- Good news, here. It would allow us to ramp up nuclear energy production while diminishing the harmful byproducts. Reduces the cost of managing nuclear waste to one tenth the current level and reduces the volume of waste material down to one percent of the current level. Major stuff given the rapidly dwindling supplies of oil and coal. I think this would be headline news.

  • US wants FDA inspectors stationed in India - If the US government is saying they are worried, then you know there is something horrible lurking under the surface of this situation. I'm sure India isn't the cleanest place on earth, but if we're going to station inspectors over there, it has got to be bad. But then again, what could we possibly need to import from India? Anything other than curry?

  • Holes Plugged in Kerberos Security System - This one caught me off guard. I think less than 1% of the population of the US has any idea how deep this problem goes. If Kerberos is compromised, then most (if not all) corporations running Windows or Novel would be at risk. This is a "highly critical risk," and yet there's no mention of it anywhere in the mainstream media.

  • Word executes injected code - As above, this is an enormous issue and thousands (if not millions) of people and companies are at risk. The JDE is everywhere inside a corporate network and that puts everyone and everything at risk. But I haven't seen a single word mentioned by any major sources.

  • Eagle Creek Park lake drains - The picture above is no longer relevant, since the lake is now in the act of disappearing. Main point here being: an American resource has been known to be at risk for years, and funds have been requested for years, but nothing was done to prevent the inevitable. And now, the Eagle Creak Park dam he busted and the lake behind it has drained. Would have been great if we had say.... six hundred billion to fix our American resources.

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