Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hrmmm #4

Just a couple of things that caught my eye today:
  • Approval for mobiles on aircraft – Good news is that FINALLY somebody is unpuckering their butt and letting cell phones (ie: “mobiles” to the English) on airplanes. I hope the trend drifts across the Big Pond. Bad news is that the airlines will like find a way to charge the passengers for the service. Likely American airliners would be the first ones to charge for it!
  • Minnesota preparing for deadly fish virus - I could be wrong, but isn’t it a pretty significant event if this viral hemorrhagic septicemia gets into the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River? Not sure that I’m comfortable with Minnesota being the first line of defense on this thing. Definitely not comfortable with the pitiful coverage this is getting.
  • Honduran cantaloupe recalled after salmonella outbreak in Canada, US - Firstly, I didn’t know we got cantaloupes from Honduras. Second, I didn’t know we could get salmonella from fruit. Again, I could be wrong, but shouldn’t this be front page stuff? Somebody out there is gorging on cantaloupe that was sprayed with infect pig feces or something and they ought to know what they're putting in their mouth.
  • Government sees overhaul of AIDS vaccine effort - Would have been nice to see GOOD news like this on TV for a change. Glad we’re going to devote some of our resources to resolving such a horrible problem. Would have been much easier if we had an extra six hundred billion to throw at it.
  • Firefox update fixes critical security vulnerabilities - Love me some Firefox. Couldn’t get through my day without it. More people ought to know about it. Just wishful thinking on my part, though. It can never have enough press coverage, IMHO.
  • Defects Go Unfixed for Years in Dozens of Dams - What is it with dams lately? Color me crazy, but if there are “defects” on something as critical as a dam, I’m not going to be able to sleep until it is fixed. How the heck can problems go unfixed for YEARS? And I'm betting for every one dam we know if broke, there are ten waiting to surprise us.

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