Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hurting III

Good news: Nothing good, today.

Bad news: Slept horribly last night. Maybe three hours. Woke up (by which I mean "I finally dragged myself out of bed" after vegging there for hours) and felt worse than yesterday.

Same symptoms: Neck and shoulder pain. Inflexible range of motion without sharp pain. Weakness in my left side.

Rolled into the chiropractor and he took me much more seriously today. Really got into my neck and make some major adjustments. Much more effort put forth and it put a significant dent on my discomfort.

But I've still been dropping the Ibuprofen every couple of hours and I couldn't sit in my chair at work without getting gnarled up and uncomfortable. So I came home at lunch time and worked from here. Was able to get more done because I wasn't as confined and could get up as needed.

I'm due for another visit on Friday. I'm hoping this adjustment holds longer. But I'm likely going to have to see him several times a week for at least another week.

All this from sleeping incorrectly?

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