Saturday, March 22, 2008

FOOD: Jazzeppi's

Today was my birthday. Kimmer, Rasta, and Kevin buzzed me to wish me well. The kids woke me up with some cards. Cindy bought me an awesome pair of shoes. And I treated us to a parents-night-out at one of my favorite steak houses on the Gulf Coast: Jazzeppi's, in Biloxi.

I suppose most folks down here (including Cindy) would call Jazzeppi's a seafood restaurant. Most of the appetizers are seafood. And at least half the menu is dedicated to fresh-caught seafood. Even many of the steaks are topped with some form of ocean life. But I'm quite hooked on their ribeyes. So I call it a steak place.

For drinks, Cindy ordered a glass of pinot gregio. And I had an "enlightened cosmopolitan." (They have an incredible martini bar in the back, but you can order any of them in the dining room.) We started off with an order of spinach and artichoke dip. Jazzeppi's has the most incredible spin on it: they serve it with fried bowtie pasta instead of chips. Delicious. Delicious. Delicious.

As mentioned before, the menu is full of splendid dishes, mostly seafood, but also traditional fare. I had the ribeye, medium rare, with steamed green beans, and angelhair pasta. Cindy had an interesting eggplant lasagna with shrimp and a very rich cream sauce. We both had plenty of leftovers for later.

We wrapped it up with a slice of Bavarian chocolate cheesecake. Super chocolaty. I consumed most of it.

The bill was right at $50/head. But considering we had a three course meal, the calibre of the food, the quantity of the food, and the two drinks each, the price was extremely fair.

Great night. Great service. Great meal. I'll have to find another valid reason to go before my next birthday!

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