Saturday, March 01, 2008

Meg's Second Party

Meg had her Official Birthday Party, today. Cindy took her and a bunch of her girl friends to a pottery place in Ocean Springs. I wish I knew her friend's names. But they're all from either her school or her ballet class. Except her cousin, Alex. (Meg and Alex are nigh on inseparable these days. The see each other every weekend!)

Anyway, at the part, Meg stamped a plate with her hand, then all the girls signed it.

She painted a Little Mermaid sculpture.

There was cake. There was soda. There was singing. And there were many good times had by all.

I missed it, though. I was at the house, working on window casings. However, I'm told it was most enjoyable and quite the adventure. A hit among 6yr old girls.

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