Friday, February 29, 2008

Liam Franklin

Liam played an interesting role in a special museum event at school today. The second graders all picked a historic figure to research and portray in a live-action museum. His teacher was tickled when he wanted to pick Galileo or Copernicus! But they couldn't find too many interesting pictures of those cats. So Liam chose Benjamin Franklin! His "favorite founding father." Hey, works for me!

Anyway, I bought him the spiffy duds along with the keen spectacles. He liked them, but didn't dig the wig-thingy I found. It was one of those balding-wigs that covered his forehead and has cascading gray hair down the sides that REALLY made him look like Ben Franklin. But the color of the skin on the wig didn't match anywhere near the color of Liam's skin. And he wasn't hearing it when I said Mommy could put some makeup on it.

("I'm not wearing makeup! I'm a boy!" he said. There ya go, buddy!)

Even without the wig, I thought he looked pretty cool. Like a young Benjamin. He had an awesome speech, too. When you pushed a "button" (ie: sticker!) on the back of his hand, he would stand up and do a soliloquy about his life as Ben Franklin.

Really good stuff. I'm glad he didn't pick Sponge Bob or Elmo or Peter Pan.

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