Monday, February 18, 2008

Hurrah for global warming

The kids went outside and ran around hours and hours. It was perfect weather. Clear and in the upper 60s. No sign of winter. I, for one, welcome Global Warming. Won't be long before we only have two seasons down here: Hot and Hotter.

Liam unboxed one of his presents from his cousins and put together the battery-powered, remote-controlled airplane. More of an assisted glider, really. Two little motors that make more noise than thrust. But Liam put it all together by himself, figured out how to pilot it, and flew it around the yard with Meg's help.

They'd throw it as high as they could, chase it ten feet (screaming at the top of their lungs the whole time) and then try to catch it on the way down. Over and over. It was the highlight of their day.

And we're supposed to be in the middle of winter? Um, yeah.

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Fred said...

Sometimes I question whether I wouldn't like it if it were just a little warmer year round in maryland. Seems like I would. So why don't we like Global Warming again? (and for those who will respond with all the reasons --- I'm just kidding!!)