Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A baggy affliction

It has been a phenomenal couple of weeks on my circuit training regiment. Hitting new personal records every few days. Recently I started doing dumbbell bench presses with 60lbs in each hand. Starting doing 350lbs on the angled leg presses. And started squatting 200lbs. None of those things were on my radar last year.

Today, I had an odd personal problem: My shorts kept falling! I've never had to deal with this. I'm not a "baggy pants" kind of guy. I don't roll like that, yo! But today, I needed a belt or something. I couldn't go 10ft without having to pull up my shorts.

The scale at the gym broke, but the way my clothes were dropping, I think I've lost more weight. And maybe some inches?

For the better part of my life, at least from high school through my first 27yrs, I was down with size 30 in the waist. Life started catching up on me after Liam was born and I advanced to a size 32 in the waist. Sometime after we moved back to the Gulf Coast, I swolled up a smidgen and started to push closer to a size 34. When I threw out all my old clothes a few weeks ago, I only kept stuff that was size 34. They fit well.

But now I've got this baggy affliction, Maybe I'm back down to 32?

And I'm heading toward 30 again!

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