Sunday, February 03, 2008

Great Grandma's visit

My Grandmother (the kids' Great Grandmother) and my Mother came over today, for diner. Mom and Cindy made lasagna. I watched Food Network with Grandma and we talk about how we both really Doe's funeral ceremonies.

After supper, Cindy whipped out some banana pudding (Grandma's favorite!) put some candles on it, and we all sang Happy Birthday to her. She'll be 82 on Thursday. (Which also marks the Chinese New Year this year!)

Then we had a couple of presents for her. And the kids helped open them.

We all enjoyed Great Grandma's visit. A quiet day. A good day. One of those ones you just enjoy as they unfold.

Update: I attached a video of the kids with Grand Ma. I'm particularly proud of Meg's reading of the birthday card. She's only in Kindergarten, and reads the whole card by herself, with no help. That's my girl!

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