Monday, February 04, 2008

MOVIE: Casino Royal

I checked this out solely based on recommendations. It didn't live up to the hype.

Yes, the action in the beginning was good. Especially the opening scene.

Yes, James kicked a lot of buttocks. He did it in new and interesting ways. They were certainly entertaining and I enjoyed them.

Yes, the "torture scene," was unique. Truly creative. Painful to watch.

But the story was trite. The action waned too quickly. It was depressingly predictable. The ending was far too long in the coming. I was bored silly and eager to push STOP.

If that were not enough for me to melt the DVD so nobody else is exposed to its banality, I was personally insulted by the school-girlish attempt to introduce "love" into Bond's repertoire. If it had failed a little less, I would have found it laughable. Instead, it succeeded in completely emasculating James Bond to the point where Liberace rose from the grave and called him a bitch.

Not a flick I'd recommend to anyone other than a tried-and-true James Bond Hater who longs to see the man broken and ruined.

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