Wednesday, February 06, 2008

This Olde House - Architect Hunting

Cindy and I need more space. The house is too small. Even renovated.

We are going to add on a couple of rooms to the existing structure. A new master suite. A new home office. Possibly a new family room.

We have an idea of what we want. But we need an architect to help with suggestions. To finalize the ideas. And to draw up the plans. We have a builder lined up. We have an interior decorator. We just don't have any blueprints.

So, how do you find an architect?

I asked around. Nobody really had any suggestions. Nobody in my family. None of my friends. Nobody at work.

I had to wing it. And when in doubt, there is only one thing to do: consult the oracle. I went to and search for architects close to my house. There were 10. I called three of them. One called back, so far.

Gary Dunn came to the house today. He looked around a bit. Checked out my drawings. Gave a few quick suggestions. But ultimately he took a copy of everything and said he'd rough out some suggestions by Friday. And he'll email the basic ideas to me so I can look over them with Cindy. He'll quote us a flat rate based on his guestimate of hours.

If we like his suggestions, we'll go with it.

I'm eager to get this under way.

I want to be in the new rooms before it gets too hot.

August is coming.

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