Thursday, February 28, 2008

Any rest in sight?

Last week, it was a mental Iron Man Triathalon. Dealing with the unwashed mass of eBay buyers for all my auctions. Dealing with the horde of would-be architects. Squeezing my builder. And dancing with lenders.

This week, it is a physical challenge. Tuesday I hit the gym and concluded 3 sets of 400lb angled leg presses with an hour of Sun Salutations. Yesterday it was an hour of ballroom dancing, including the foxtrot and the waltz, but we went live and danced as couples. (I had no idea formal dancing could affect my upper thighs and hips like that!) And today my circuit training regiment made the leap from three circuits to four complete circuits. Normally, but the end of the third, I'm panting like a dog and drenched in sweat. But after the fourth circuit today, I was panting and sweating and ready to puke from so much exertion. And of course, I followed it with an hour of yoga.

My weekend won't be any slower. (I finally get to install the window casings, Meg has another party on Sunday, and I have to prepare 30 items to ship out to eBay bidders.)

And next week includes a ton of logistical planning (hotel room for Kimmer, finding a plasma cutter for the cast iron tub, getting another dumpster, getting two more truckloads of dirt) as well as the physical aspect of actually doing all the demo work at the end of the week.

Is there any rest in sight?

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