Monday, February 11, 2008

This Olde House - Architect Hunting Part II

Very excited today. With about an hour of effort, I've gone from having only one potential architect to having TEN. And I owe it all to

Here is what I did:
  1. Created an account on Guru. (Time spent: 5min)
  2. Posted my project: "I need an architect and/or draftsman to help finalize a floorplan for additions to my existing structure and create plans that I can present to my builders. The plans should include plumbing, electrical, etc.

    I am looking to add roughly 1000' feet onto my existing home. The new space would include: 1) A new "master suite," 2) A laundry room, 3) A large home office, and 4) A "family room."
    "(Time spent: 15min)
  3. Watched as six "pros" responded within the first twelve hours. (Time spent: 0min)
  4. Watched as a total of ten "pros" responded within the first twenty four hours. (Time spent: 0min)
  5. Emailed a form letter to each of them, with additional details, and my sketches for the add ons. (Time spent: 30min)
All of them seem very professional. And almost all of them are within my price range.

So now, I'm very happy. VERY BUSY wading through email today, but very happy to know that I have so many options. And I won't have to blow a huge chunk of my budget on having the plans drawn up. More money I can spend elsewhere!

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