Sunday, February 10, 2008

Odds & Ends

  • Good: My auctions on eBay are going well. Several larger items will sell. I'll be able to free up a ton of space in our bedroom (after selling the books) as well as the garage (after selling the computer parts.) Positive movement toward my goal of de-clutttering my life.

  • Bad: I haven't slept well for the better part of three days. It's depressing and chews at my sanity. I want to sleep. I want to feel rested. But my mind won't downshift. I have long periods where I go over things in my head for hours. Usually a laundry list of "To Do" items. And reading hasn't been as helpful lately.

  • Good: My circuit training has been going real well. I hit 350lbs on angled leg presses. I hit 135lbs on deadlifts. And had another round of 100m sprints. My personal progress continues and I'm constantly raising the bar for myself. Very encouraging.

  • Bad: Aside from eBay, I didn't do much this weekend. And I hate to be unproductive. It bothers me to have too much idle time.Angers me to know I could have moved the ball forward, but squandered what little free time I had. Very discouraging.

  • Good: The kids are full of more surprises. Liam has started to enjoy playing football with me. (He hikes the ball to me, then runs, and I pass it to him.) And he sunk two baskets on our 8' basketball goal. I need to take pictures of it. He does much better than I was doing at his age. And Meg has exploded into reading. The librarian covertly lets her check out 2nd grade books, but she chews through them like a shark through a skinny dipper. It's uncanny for a kindergartener to read so well. I need to make another video of her. She's doing infinitely better than Cindy or I was doing at her age. As a parent, I couldn't be happier. I'm blessed beyond belief.

These are the days on my life. Fortunately they are more good than bad.

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