Tuesday, February 26, 2008

TOOL: Leatherman Skeletool

Being part man, part monkeyboy, and part lizardbrain, I'm very susceptible to tool lust. If a tool is metal and/or shiney, bonus. If the tool can fit in a black case on my belt, bonus. If the tool in any way at all folds, big bonus! If the tool has a blade in it somewhere, bigger bonus. And if the tool has a sinister sounding name, SUPER BONUS!

Enter Leatherman's Skeletool. Let me say that slowly: skel - eh - tool! It's like a spooky old skeleton, but it's a tool! Nice, right? Plus it has all the naughty lusty features (see above) that immediately had me reaching for my wallet.

Trust me, it is even better in person. And after it was revealed at work, nobody with a Y-chromosome could resist playing with my skeletool. Every chimpy monkey lizard boy at the office took a turn opening it and clipping it on their belt and folding out the knife and playing with the locking mechanism. The cool kids figured out that the loop on one handle can also be a bottle opener. The uberbrainiacs noticed the extra screwdriver bit cleverly concealed in the handle, too. Every male loved it. Every male wanted one. (I should have sold it at a substantial profit while the lust was upon them!)

Two features I didn't mention: it is very very light but very very rugged. Not the least bit flimsy even considering its lack of heft.

Two features I didn't like: the price is a smidgen steep ($80+ with the case) and the removable bit is so thin it is hard to grip/extract sometimes.

All in all, a most manly investment. Slightly expensive however pleasing to wield and a pleasure to taunt the other chimps with!

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