Saturday, February 09, 2008

MOVIE: Ask The Dust

I don't know who suggested this to me. I almost enjoyed it, though.

It is a tale of a small town writer with big aspirations. And a naive young waitress trying to escape societal limitations.

Thumbs up: Writing is very crisp. Dialog is mostly smooth. Moderately interesting plot. The whole movie stays in character very well. Oh, Salma Hayek gets all kinds of naked.

Thumbs down: Collin Farell didn't do the role any justice. Too stilted. Too forced. The completeness of his failure overpowered my enjoyment of the flick.

I would have liked it a lot better with a different male lead, like Christian Bale or James McAvoy. Otherwise, a very enjoyable movie. Something to watch on a slow, stormy night.

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