Wednesday, February 06, 2008

MOVIE: The Bourne Ultimatum

Rarely does The Bourne Ultimatum stop to catch its breath. Bourne's running. Bourne's stalking his opponents. Bourne's driving. Bourne's jumping through windows. Bourne's fighting. Bourne's eluding snipers. Bourne's crippling your brother. Bourne's all over the place!

Action movie? Thriller? Detective movie? Espionage? Where does it fall among the genres? I don't know. It breaks off a piece of each and welds them together into a satisfying conclusion to the Bourne Trilogy.

Good pacing. Good writing. Good direction. Great settings. Great chases. Great fights.

The camera effects, the way the point of view jittered and rarely kept in place, was distracting in places. Too noticeable. And got in the way sometimes.

And the ending (a foregone conclusion) was a bit thick, taking just a little too long to not go very far. It could have been tied up more cleanly. However it did carry the story to a worthwhile completion without being overly dramatic or unbelievable.

I'll miss Jason Bourne. But I enjoyed his tale.

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