Saturday, February 02, 2008

Kiddie Gras

Yesterday, Feb 1st, the kids' school had their own micro Mardi Gras. We didn't do things like that when I was in school. And we were lucky to have one day off. My kids get three! Anyway, jealousy aside, a kids' parade is a great way to end the day.

Liam and his Motley Crew waited outside for the floats to cruise by. Check the hat! It was mainly cars carrying some of the teachers, the principle and vice principle. But they were throwing out vast streams of goodies and drowned the kids in a sea of plastic beads.

Bringing up the rear was the Kindergarteners. Including Meg Bear! She was throwing some of the beads we had caught last year. And they were all wearing these awesome Mardi Gras masks. They're the only grade that gets to ride, though. I guess the older kids are too rowdy and there's a risk they'll go flying off the float. And then their parents would sue the school into the Stone Age.

Afterwards, the kids met up at Cindy's office and proudly displayed their wares. Check Meg's disco-ball beads? And across Cindy's desk is a line of dolphins. Guess who is responsible for the lineup?

Oh the thrill of Kiddie Gras.

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