Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Their Blissful Slumber

A couple of example pictures from my typical night. Notice the books by the bed? They help me unwind. And the water bottle? Just in case. But notice what is conveniently covering my entire side of the bed? Not one, but two unconscious monkeys! And neither of them have any intention of allowing me to put them back in their cages without a fight. (Though I admit I smiled when I saw Meg snuggled up behind Liam!)

Until recently, it was like this every night. And as the monkeys get older, my spine pays a higher toll. So we've been TRYING to get them to sleep in their own beds on school nights, and save the trips to our bed until the weekend.

Usually, Liam is drenched in sweat. Most of the time there's a very obvious head-shaped wet spot on my pillow. I have to flip it over or it icks me out.

And 99 times out of 100, when I'm trying to haul Meg to her room, she'll stretch out her arms and legs and become as rigid as a plank. Sometimes I have to fight for balance. Sometimes she'll kick a wall or punch a door. Rarely she'll talk me through her dreams. But she almost always does, "The Midnight Meggy Stretch," before I can get her to bed.

So I captured the moment for posterity before relocating them. It was almost one AM. I hated to interrupt their blissful slumber. But morning was rapidly approaching. And I had to find something resembling sleep for myself.

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