Monday, February 18, 2008

Liam fixes a feast

Liam decided he wanted to cook something for us!

He sat down with Cindy and waded through a couple of issues of Real Simple, until they found just the right recipe. Our chef would craft his first dish: Chicken Parmesan.

He broke the eggs. And whipped them into a nice batter for the chicken that Cindy sliced up.

Then he dipped all the pieces in the egg batter. Coating each one evenly. Lightly pressing them into the bread crumbs. Making sure everything was covered and it wasn't lumpy or bare in any places.

Next he and Cindy cooked the pieces in oil. He helped cut into them and made sure they weren't the least bit rare in the middle. When they were done, he helped wrap them up while everything else was cooking.

And Liam helped prepare the noodles! Keeping an eye on them. And stirring them, until they were ready.

When he was done, we sat at the table and ate Chef Liam's first meal, as a family. Liam ate the noddles with butter and grated Parmesan cheese. I think he had four pieces of chicken! Meg even tried some of it. Cindy and I thought it was top notch. And we all had a great meal, thanks to Liam and his efforts.

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