Monday, February 25, 2008

Meg's Dias Especial

Six years ago today, Meg joined us. Six years, already? She's been counting down the days. Even the hours. Waiting for her moment in the limelight. It's the equivalent of winning American Idol for her, but it happens once a year.

I wish every day could be Meg's birthday. She was so happy and polite and cheerful. She was smiling all day and singing and dancing and spinning in circles. Just being a girl. A joy to be around.

To help pass the time, we grabbed some lunch at High Cotton. Meg kept asking, "How much longer?" Counting down the hours until her party.

Gigi showed up first. She brought Meg a couple of pink dresses. One of which Meg had to put on immediately. For all I know, she tried them all on (in a matter of seconds) and picked her favorite. That girl can change clothes quicker than a girl her age should be able to. Anyway, I caught a picture of her and Gigi. The Glamor Girls posing for the camera.

Then the cousins came over. Alex and Darby and Lindsey and Babyboy Tollar. I snapped a picture of Meg and Alix. They're only a couple of months apart in age. And they play play play for hours, with the dolls and the dresses and the puppet shows. Cute as buttons the two of them. Especially around lunch time, when Alex comes over with her little voice: "Uncle Jon, can I have some apple juice?" and she sounds like a princess on helium.

Anyway, their arrival was follow by the grand parents, Pawpaw Raybourn and Granny Pam. Nana (my mother) and Great Grandma joined us, too. Good times, all around. Tollar (my wee nephew) was running all over the place. Playing with Liam's old Rescue Heroes. Being bashful. And screaming every time his Mommy left his sight. Talk about a bad case of Detachment Anxiety? That boy has it waaaay bad.
We lit up the cake and everyone sang. Cindy carved up the cake. (Complete with one of Meg's favorite red-heads, The Little Mermaid, from Dairy Queen.) I had been picking on Meg and told her I mistakenly bought a "9" instead of a six, for her cake. It was funny the first three times, I guess. She got mad after that. But looking at the picture made me remember the joke.
And Meg started to open the presents.

Some ponies. Some WebKinz. Some clothes. And finally, after weeks of waiting and hoping, a pink Nintendo DS. She was waving it around screaming and jumping and singing. I tried to snap a decent shot, but it was a wee bit blurry.
All in all, a good day for Meg. I think she's happy. And if she's happy, we're all happy.

If nothing else, she's six now. And she can check out library books!

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