Saturday, March 22, 2008

This Olde House - Slab Removal

Along the lines of knowing that my skills are insufficient for a task, I also have a knack for knowing when it is quicker and more effective to pay somebody else to do a job for me.

Case in point, the destruction of an ancient slab behind my house. I had 30' bx 20' worth of material to remove. Some of it over a foot thick. I spent $500 and had somebody else do it for me.

This young guy, Shane, came over with his equipment, ripped up the slab, put it in his dumpster, and hauled it off. I didn't lift a finger other than to write the check.

If I did it myself, the equipment rental would be $150. The dumpster rental would be $250. At least $400 of hard cash. Plus my own time to pull up the old slab. Plus my own time to move the pieces to the dumpster. Plus my own time and gas to haul around the rental equipment.

So I could have maybe, possibly, saved $100. But it would have taken up my entire weekend. And my time is worth more than what I potentially saved.

When it makes sense, pay.

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